SAT exam process

SAT exam process

ITT – SAT is the certificate used by many universities and colleges in US to assess the natural and social knowledge as well as logical thinking ability of students. To study bachelor’s degree in US, SAT is an indispensable certificate. What are the steps for SAT exam process?

SAT is also considered the standard to help identify high school students who are ready for college. High SAT scores will help students show their intelligence to the university – college admissions team, but also giving the opportunity to win valuable scholarships. But what does SAT exam process include?

  1. Register for the exam

Register online by logging into your College Board account at https://account.collegeboard.org/login, providing your full name and other information as required. After paying the exam fee by credit card, the applicant will receive the registration number and test report.

Register by filling in the required information on the registration form issued by College Board, then sending it to College Board with a fee that can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.

  1. Change the exam date, exam subject or test center

If you want to change the exam date, exam subject or test center, you need to inform College Board about 3 weeks before the exam takes place or log in to your account and ask to change the date with the change fee about 30 USD.

  1. Take the exam

On the day of the test, candidates need to be at the exam center 30 minutes before going to the exam room, taking the exam notice and passport (or other valid replacement papers).

Candidates who need to prepare calculators for Math section are allowed to use calculators and hearing aids with CD drives for the listening comprehension section.

  1. Exam results

SAT is rated on a scale from 400 to 1600, universities have different criteria to choose students based on their scores.

Test scores will be available 3 weeks after the test date, candidates can view the scores at the website www.collegeboard.com/sat. For candidates who register by mail, scores will be returned in about 6-7 weeks depending on the postal system. At this step, SAT exam process is completed.

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