What are the IGCSE subjects?

What are the IGCSE subjects?

ITT – IGCSE is an international secondary school diploma that is widely taught in many schools around the world. What are the IGCSE subjects?

This program is not new in Vietnam, most international schools are applying. Especially in UK, many big schools use IGCSE instead of other non-international programs.

Each subject is evaluated from point A* to point G. If a student receives a G score, it is considered a U score (this point is considered unclassified). A* is a rare score, with only about 7% students scoring A* with a variety of assessment methods.

However, the percentage that determines the final grade in all subjects is based on the results of the final score in grade 11. This means that this is not a certificate of course completion but a certificate of the results of each subject. Students who do not attend in international schools or home-school students and those who do not have time to complete the course may self-study, then enroll IGCSE certificate. So what are the IGCSE subjects?

Usually, compulsory IGCSE subjects include English, Mathematics, native language, one or more subjects associated with Science. Each student typically chooses between six to nine subjects in the following six groups:

  • Creative and Professional
  • English Language and Literature
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

Based on the differences in student learning, there are two levels of IGCSE available: Core and Extended.

Every subject in IGCSE Core is designed to best suit most of students’ level, which mainly introduces the most basic knowledge. Students who choose this level usually have scores from only C to G.

IGCSE Extended includes knowledge in Core and advanced knowledge, for academic level and closer to higher education levels such as A-level, AP, IB. Students enroll extended level often achieve from A* to E score.

To select the appropriate subject, students should refer to the lecture, the program syllabus of each subject, select the appropriate subject to know what are the IGCSE subjects.

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