How to register for GMAT exam in Vietnam?

How to register for GMAT exam in Vietnam?

ITT – GMAT evaluates the qualifications and abilities of students who apply for master program in business administration. However, how to register for GMAT exam in Vietnam?

More than 5,800 programs in business worldwide use GMAT as minimum entry requirements. Therefore, taking GMAT exam is very important and learning how to register for GMAT exam in Vietnam is absolutely essential.

With 210 minutes test time, GMAT exam structure consists of 4 sections: Analytical Writing Assessment (30 minutes), Integrated Reasoning (30 minutes), Quantitative (75 minutes), Verbal (75 minutes). The test sections are difficult, so the process of thorough preparation is required to achieve high results.

Before registering, you should learn the basic terms, such as candidates must be 18 years of age or older. Candidates are not allowed to retake the exam more than once within 31 days. In addition, candidates must comply with all regulations on registration and examination.

Candidates should research about the schools they plan to study and check the application deadline to offer timely. After that, the candidate will create a route based on all the information collected. If payment by bank transfer, it must add 10 more days of processing. In case of need for assistance, you must add the date of collecting the papers and filing the documents.

You can register online for free at mba.com/gmat or contact your local GMAT Customer Service. If contacting by post, you must complete the registration form and submit it with the exam fee. When apply by this way, you should add delivery time and need to provide all contact information accurately.

This is how to register for GMAT exam in Vietnam, but you need to know if you want to successfully conquer this certificate. As an international standardized test, the difficulties of the exam are unavoidable, so you should be careful for preparation in all aspects to avoid time and money losses.

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