How to study A-level Physics?

How to study A-level Physics?

ITT – A-level Physics is an advanced program following international standards. This course help students be able to understand overview about the world we live in through physical principles. How to study A-level Physics?

Physics is an experimental science subject which has practical application in industries such as construction, mechanics, health, production. In addition to theory and exercises, this subject also requires them to observe things, surrounding phenomena, practice experiments, master the rules and laws of Physics.

The effective way to get how to study A-level Physics is that you should first determine how long is time left before each exam, plan and study methods, arrange appropriate time, study hard but not “cram” too much knowledge into your mind for a while. Learn more specialized terminology, practice writing explanatory essays. Do all homework, learn the main problems in the test, don’t study without a certain orientation. Practice exam questions from previous years to understand lesson and exam structure. You can study in groups to complement each other’s knowledge.

When learning a new concept, you must remember the definitions, meanings, related formulas and units. Make sure you memorize and understand all the formulas in the formulae sheet, Memorize the same definitions in books to make your expression more accurate and scientific. Do not miss any knowledge in the learning process, talk to the teacher and classmates right away, ask them to explain them thoroughly if you do not understand the lesson.

Try to familiarize with laboratory tools and manipulate them well, use notes to highlight outstanding equations, reactions, and experiments to easily review and memorize when you have free time. Gather more knowledge outside the program from different sources through websites, forums, libraries… When you love the subject, you will have more excitement to learn, no feeling of being forced to study. To enjoy this subject, you can read many Physics books or watch interesting programs on Physics.

In addition to some of the above learning methods, you should also find out many other new ways to know how to study A-level Physics, as long as it fits your ability and makes progress day by day. At the same time, they are also fundamental steps to develop their learning at higher levels in the future.

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