How to study AS Level Chemistry?

How to study AS Level Chemistry?

ITT – A-level Chemistry is the subject of many students interested by the difficulty and depth when studying this subject. Then how to study AS Level Chemistry?

At present, the greater the development of society, integration with the world, so the need of learning international programs is increasing which help students enter the prestigious portals in the world.

A-level is no stranger to international students, as it is a two-year program equivalent to IB program, but A-level is mainly used for study abroad in UK and European countries.

Compared with other subjects, chemistry should employ the visualization and memorization of reaction, requiring students to have a serious focus both at school and to spend more time at home to study. How to study AS Level Chemistry?

  1. Understand basic knowledge

One of the prerequisites for deep study is to master the basics first. Basic knowledge in Chemistry in English includes the chemical properties of substances, chemical reactions, periodic table, chemistry and molar mass that must definitely be equipped before learning more.

  1. Learn by thinking diagrams

This is a way of learning is effective, easy to remember knowledge, will make the subject is not hard anymore. Just use a color pen to create your own thinking plan, you will become interested and want to draw more and more mind maps.

  1. Visual references

For reaction that you cannot do experiments, look for online sources for that reaction to help you visualize and remember quite long. Thus, it will make you curious about this subject more than ever.

  1. Combine practice

Practice will help you understand how the reaction occurs, helping you learn a lot more things such as ideal conditions with the number of moles, reaction temperature will occur, the actual error… will make you improve your highly thinking. This will be the foundation for your in-depth study of other chemical equations.

With the above suggestions, how to study AS Level Chemistry will not be too difficult for you to approach. You will quickly improve your academic performance at school by changing the way you learn science.

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