How to study IB Chemistry HL?

How to study IB Chemistry HL?

ITT – Considered as a very comprehensive and specialized subject at HL, achieving high marks in IB Chemistry is difficult. Find out how to study IB Chemistry HL to get the highest score is important.

Because Chemistry is the link between the content, the definition between topics in the program, so the first thing is to grasp the most basic knowledge, then go into advanced content and types of exercises. If you have not mastered the basic knowledge and move to advanced, students can easily be confused when faced with difficult questions in the exam.

Carefully taking note what you have learned and completing homework is the simplest way to know how to study IB Chemistry HL. The early knowledge arrangement helps students keep following up and realizing missing points in the process of reviewing knowledge from which saving time for revising. Doing homework helps students acquainted to questions, speed up writing and handling situations in the examination. This not only helps them gain good skills but also reinforces mental state in the examination room, helping them to be more confident with their work.

The duration of HL course is 240 hours on class, more than SL 150 hours. However, due to the amount of depth knowledge, just study in the school is not enough, students should study more in the external document. Thus, refer more on web sites, library materials or study guides is also one way to get how to study IB Chemistry HL.

During the learning process, students will encounter difficult questions. Ask the teacher to answer or with friends to study groups to discuss how to solve the problem is necessary. In addition, they can also get help from prestigious tutoring centers after school hours.

The last method is taking past papers of previous years. After reviewing the knowledge required for the exam, solving old tests before the real test helps them to become familiar with the exam format and challenge themselves as they are doing a practice test.

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