How to practice IB Math past papers?

How to practice IB Math past papers?

ITT – Math is a compulsory subject in IB program. To achieve the ideal score for this subject, you must practice IB Math past papers.

IB is a popular international program for students from 16 to 18. Accordingly, this program consists of 6 main subject groups: Language 1, Language 2, Mathematics, Nature, Society, and Arts. In particular, Math is a compulsory subject with Higher Level and Standard Level which each student will choose the appropriate level.

Math knowledge is often not difficult for the majority of students, but this subject is logical, highly correlated between formulas so often makes it difficult for them to synthesize and combine knowledge together. Besides, specialized terms in English is also a big barrier for most students. So you can refer to some way to practice IB Math past papers.

First, they need to determine the remaining time before each paper lesson to create a specific timetable for revision, seriously follow that schedule to avoid putting too much knowledge.

In addition, when implementing the timetable above, you should practice solving questions and types of exercises from easy to difficult, from solving core exercises to the current learning curriculum. Moreover, you should combine multiple formulas together in reference books or on the Internet to practice before practicing IB Math past papers.

After all, when you practice past papers, you should measure your time and seriously focus on assessing your current ability against the difficulty of the topic. Taking past paper training seriously will help you really get used to it and not be surprised when you take the real exam.

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