What is IGCSE certificate?

What is IGCSE certificate?

ITT – In economic development and global integration, innovation in education is always the most prior to build an international curriculum at high school. Be awareness of that trend, many parents have invested their children to learn IGCSE program from secondary school. Thus, what is IGCSE certificate?

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What is IGCSE certificate? IGCSE accepts major ability for students in the first two years of high school, in the age of 14 – 16. It is same as GCSE of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Standard Level in Scotland or Junior Certificate in Republic of Ireland. IGCSE certificate replaces for many popular national programs.

However, IGCSE is not an award or “education certificate” as many countries. This is a certificate based on individual object of study, it means that students will receive IGCSE certification for each subject they successfully completed. Therefore, all schools in the world have different expectation for their students.

IGCSE is an important step to learn in higher program or study major at home or foreign country. This program can help you learn at foreign universities and increase more chance to develop your career and necessary skills in advanced level.

In Vietnam, admissions for IGCSE program is that students have to complete grade 9 or equivalent program and pass entrance exam of IGCSE. Candidates will join IGCSE exam held by CIE organization. This organization will make exam question, mark exam paper and grant certificate. Students must learn compulsory subjects: English, Math in English, Science in English and some selected subjects. Total number of required subjects is 8 or 9. The exam is held twice a year in June or November. CIE Cambridge representative will arrive Vietnam to organize and supervise the exam with education foundation. After that, exam paper will be sent to England. The result of the exam will be announced in August and January.

To get the best result, you need to master all of knowledge. However, this is not easy. Therefore, finding teachers with high professional skills, active and having IGCSE preparation experience will help students overcome all subjects in curriculum effectively. So you know what is IGCSE certificate.

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