What is A-level program?

What is A-level program?

ITT – A-level is a pre-university course for students who have completed high school, equivalent to grade 11 and 12 in our country, but what is A-level program?

A-level stands for General Certificate of Education Advanced Level, a program developed by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) for international students.

This program lasts two years, divided into two AS Level and A-level with two exams respectively at the end of each year. In AS, students can choose from four to six subjects depending on their ability.

In A2, they will choose three of AS courses to continue their studies and finish A-level program with these three subjects. The choice of subjects depends on the entrance conditions for each major of the university that student wants to enroll.

To further understand what is A-level program, let’s take a look at the benefits of A-level education:

  • Highly qualified admissions to top universities: Many outstanding universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, MIT or Stanford will give priority to applicants who score high in A-level exam.
  • Intensive knowledge of specific subjects: Subjects in A-level programs are selected by students for their future careers, these two years will accumulate knowledge and the skills necessary for college years to help them have a bright career orientation.
  • First-year college credit waivers: Some colleges will accept free credits for the first-year courses in which students score high on A-level exam.
  • Improved critical skills: During A-level, students are required to complete a variety of assignments, as well as tests and final exams. This contributes to the development of necessary skills such as presentation, analysis, critical thinking… to improve knowledge and the self-learning spirit.

Some information above will help you understand what is A-level program and thus make the right decision for your learning path.

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