What is AP program?

What is AP program?

ITT – One of the ground-breaking programs that will enable you to study the international program that can enter your dream university gateway is AP. What is AP program?

What is AP program? This is a program designed by College Board for high school students aged 11 and 12.

Attend AP, you will have the opportunity to gain a certificate based on the integrated and comprehensive curriculum of international standards. They will also have outstanding advantages such as:

– Highlights between candidates.

– Receive the appreciation of the admissions board.

– You can ignore general courses.

– Have more experience for the university program.

AP has about 38 courses covering 7 major subjects. Students completing AP will be assessed as eligible and ready for some undergraduate courses:

– English.

– Science.

– Art.

– History and Social Sciences.

– Mathematics and Computer Science.

– Linguistics and Culture.

AP exams start in May every year, and in July the results will be available. Exam fee (non-US and Canadian region) is $ 123 per session.

Depending on the subject, test will vary. Often, the test will last three and a half hours and consists of two parts: multiple choice and free-response. These two sections contribute 50% to the final score.

The following is the structure of some subjects usually registered:

Analytical AB and BC Analysis

Part 1: Multiple Choice 45 questions | 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Part A – 30 questions 60 minutes (no calculator).

Part B – 15 questions 45 minutes (calculator allowed).

Part 2: Free-response 6 questions | 1 hour 30 minutes.

Part A – 2 problems | 30 minutes (calculator allowed).

Part B – 4 problems | 60 minutes (no calculator).

English Language and Writing

Part 1: Multiple Choice 52 – 55 questions | 1 hour 45% of total points.

Read nonfiction articles and choose the right answers.

Part 2: Free-response on 2 hours 15 minutes (includes 15 minutes reading) | 3 Free-response questions 55% of total points.

Now that you know what is AP program and if you have the dream of entering the glorious college gates, start doing the first steps now.

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