What does IB Math program include?

What does IB Math program include?

ITT – IB Math is one of the compulsory subjects in IB program, covering many important and complex topics. What does IB Math program include?

In recent years, IB program has been trusted by many students for their study abroad journey while still in school, because of many benefits that this program brings. Math is an important subject of this program, but what does IB Math program include?

  • Mathematical Studies SL: The content revolves around the basic knowledge of Mathematics and the topics are interconnected, just need to study well at the high school level, you can easily achieve high results at this level. Topics include: arithmetic and algebra; logic and probability; geometry and trigonometry; statistics; calculus and financial math.
  • Mathematics SL: For students who have relatively good knowledge of Mathematics, the content focuses on introducing important concepts and coherent presentations. Topics include: algebra; functions and equations; trigonometric functions; vector; probability and statistics; analytics.
  • Mathematics HL: For students who not only have good foundation, huge amount of knowledge about Mathematics, but also enthusiasm for the subject. The content goes deep into the complex structure of Mathematics, suitable for those who deeply study Mathematics to become a professor or a Mathematical researcher. Students will be exposed to many various topics such as: advanced statistical probability; analytics; trigonometry…
  • Further Mathematics HL: For students with a wide range of knowledge, competence and interest in analytical skills, which require a solid knowledge of Mathematics HL course, allowing students to learn specialized Mathematics, and apply it to practice. Topic covers all the topics of previous courses and advanced levels.

This is all information about what does IB Math program include. Through the above details, you can choose the level that best suits you.

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