A-level program tutor

A-level program tutor

ITT – Many students choose A-level certificate as the supportive extension for studying abroad. However, the knowledge is not simple. Is there an A-level program tutor?

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A-level certificate

A-level program syllabus

A-level (also known as English Baccalaureate) is a two-year program administered by Cambridge. Year 1 is called the AS year (or AS-level) which is equivalent to grade 11 and year 2 is called the A2 year or A-level) which is equivalent to grade 12.

In AS-level, students will choose from 4 to 6 subjects. In A-level, students will choose 3 subjects from AS-level subjects related to their chosen orientation to enter the university and take A-level certificate. A-level scale ranges from A* to E and AS-level ranges from A to E.

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A-level program tutor

A-level tutoring center

As the university preparatory program, A-level specialized knowledge is quite difficult besides the large amount of academic English, so students find it so hard to get. To make studying easier and to get the best result on the test, you should find yourself an A-level program tutor.

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A-level program tutor will have high level of professional knowledge, good academic English skills, long experience in teaching international programs, and will help students understand lessons quickly. Teachers easily grasp the level of each student, thereby offering the appropriate learning programs, which will help new students can study effectively.

A-level tutoring center also need modern equipment, quality textbooks to ensure the right teaching, support parents to do their best in the learning process. By this way, new students will quickly overcome weaknesses and achieve their goals.

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