Study IB Physics in HCMC

Study IB Physics in HCMC

ITT – IB Physics is a subject chosen by many students studying IB program. With theories about science, explaining natural phenomena, IB Physics is very interesting. How to study IB Physics in HCMC?

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How to study IB Physics SL?

IB is an International Baccalaureate equivalent program of grade 11 and 12 which are widely popular, was created in Switzerland, designed and managed by IBO. Owning an IB certificate with a high score is having a “powerful ticket” that you can apply to any prestigious university in the world.

The program is designed for 2 years, consisting of 6 subject groups: language 1, language 2, natural sciences, personal and social sciences, mathematics and arts with an extremely intensive knowledge, in which IB Physics is one of the subjects chosen by many students.

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Study IB Physics in HCMC


How to study IB Physics HL?

IB Physics studies phenomena related to science, some of the content being studied can include mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, waves, atomic and nuclear… and requires students to have a solid foundation, analytical skills, as well as apply the knowledge they have learned into various types of exercises.

With a large and wide range of knowledge as well as many academic English words, it is understandable that students cannot keep up with IB Physics. Therefore, finding yourself an IB Physics teaching center in HCMC is the best choice for you.

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The prestigious and quality center for you to study IB Physics in HCMC will update the latest information, the right syllabus and the professional teachers with good English skills, especially academic English along with extensive communication experience will help you learn the lesson quickly and thoroughly.

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