Where to study IGCSE?

Where to study IGCSE?

ITT – IGCSE is an international curriculum that provides excellent foundation for higher education programs such as A-level or IB, which is widely recognized by top universities and employers around the world. Where to study IGCSE?

IGCSE is equivalent to a secondary school diploma in Vietnam. Students receive certificates as well as gain recognition of their ability to think, study, foreign language and social skills as well.

Typically, when enrolled in IGCSE program course, students must study about 10 subjects in 2 years. Students will choose courses from a group of subjects along with electives such as foreign languages, art, humanities… At the end of the program, students will take the exam and then will receive IGCSE certificates of each subject they completed successfully.

Unlike high school students in Vietnam, students are given some options to study for IGCSE. Depending on the ability and interest of each person that selects the subject that suits with their level, aspirations and majors of the university that students want to study at. Extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports, taking part into historic sites are also considered as hours of study to help students develop comprehensively.

When choosing subjects in IGCSE to study, students must carefully consider the subjects, to see how their choices affect the choice of subjects for higher program in the future. For example, IB is their option in the future, students should choose subjects in IB program to study and take IGCSE program to create a foundation as well as get acquainted with those subjects. Where to study IGCSE?

Students attending international schools will study IGCSE on campus. In addition, some centers also support the teaching of international programs with IB, AP, A-level and IGCSE courses which are receiving great attention from parents. There, students will learn by modern teaching methods. Teachers will help them to answer difficult questions, provide solutions, simplify the study of subjects in the program and prepare for a learning process in the future.

Understanding the importance of IGCSE, parents and students should consider deciding where to study IGCSE.

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