A-level tutoring in HCMC

A-level tutoring in HCMC

ITT – A-level tutoring in HCMC is becoming a topic that many parents and students pay attention in recent years. So how to find a good and quality tutoring center?

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A-level program

A-Level, Advanced Level or more specifically GCEA Level stands for General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (Certificate of Higher Secondary Education). This is a certificate issued by schools in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland for students about 16-19 years old before taking university entrance exams.

As a measure of the quality and academic performance of students, A-level is used by UK universities and some international schools as the standard level in finding outstanding candidates. All students graduating from grade 10 or 11 in Vietnam with good academic results are likely to be accepted into this program.

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A-level tutoring teachers in HCMC

Why take A-level tutoring in HCMC?

As a program designed to improve academic qualifications and develop skills, an A-level program will help students get used to learning in an academic environment entirely in the UK and practice the skills. Useful for university studies such as information analysis, creative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork…, these are important and indispensable working skills in future jobs.

In addition, changing subjects in the A-level program is relatively simple compared to changing majors after going to university. The benefits of A-level certification bring many things in which you can realize that finding A-level tutoring in HCMC is essential if you want to have success.

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A-level tutoring centers in HCMC

So how to choose A-level tutoring in HCMC? Here are the criteria to choose a quality center:

  1. Diverse learning forms: The center must have a reasonable learning policy in all aspects and forms, from home tutoring to online learning, or studying at a different location designated by students.
  2. Qualified teachers: Teachers are the mainstay, deciding the education center’s expertise, so they must have in-depth knowledge and years of experience to help students plan appropriate learning, solve different types of lessons, helping to memorize and improve knowledge.
  3. Reasonable cost: Low-cost advertising center is not the first choice because the low cost will not pay enough for good teachers.
  4. Reference resources: Reputable centers must have fully up-to-date information on the types of references, from which they can advise and guide students to use effectively.

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Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for A-level courses (A-level MathA-level PhysicsA-level ChemistryA-level BiologyA-level EconomicsA-level Business StudiesA-level English). For inquiries, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.