Where is AP tutoring in HCMC?

Where is AP tutoring in HCMC?

ITT – AP (Advanced Placement) is the program for students who expand their chances of being admitted to the world’s top universities. So where is AP tutoring in HCMC?

AP will be studied within 1 year and normally students will choose to study 3 subjects related to their studies at university. AP exam will begin in May every year and usually lasts 2 weeks. In addition, you can redeem college credits for later classes if you pass the exam. AP scale is from 1 to 5, with 3 points per subject considered as satisfactory.

There is no formal curriculum for AP exam preparation, each school and each teacher will use equivalent materials to teach students. This is a comprehensive competency test, so the teacher will be the one who poses the problem and discusses with the students to find the best solution. But where is AP tutoring in HCMC?

Students often know how to learn in-depth about certain things with different perspectives and put up the idea of ​​solving according to their own way of thinking. This means students will have logical thinking, quicker and more creative criticism. This is also an outstanding factor that big universities are always looking for in an international student.

AP program has about 38 subjects in 7 popular groups including: Art, Language, History, Science, English, Computer Science, Mathematics. However, not all universities accept the transfer credits so you need to check all the information carefully from the beginning to avoid the time and effort to take the exam.

Studying AP has created many worries and pressures for students when not only having to study many different subjects at the same time, but also learning with higher level courses. If you do not keep up with the lesson or are not familiar with the method, students can find out where is AP tutoring in HCMC with high quality international program teaching centers to be supported.

Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for AP courses (AP Math, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Economics, AP English). For inquiries, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.

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