Tutor for IGCSE program in Vietnam

Tutor for IGCSE program in Vietnam

ITT – In recent years, the number of students finds places to learn extra IGCSE has become more and more crowded. But why is tutor for IGCSE program in Vietnam so popular?

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IGCSE program

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is an international program that popularizes Secondary School before transitioning into High School such as A-level, IB…

Designed to help students prepare to study anywhere in the world, IGCSE is accepted by many universities around the world as a candidate for admission criteria. The top schools in the US and Canada require A-level, but some schools only need IGCSE with 5 subjects above C.

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IGCSE tutoring center in HCMC

Tutor for IGCSE program in Vietnam

There are many reasons students need IGCSE tutor, such as difficulty trying to adapt to an international learning environment with 100% English, no specialized English, or English terms leading to the case can’t keep up.

Another reason is that in the learning process, for some reason students are stuck in many contents. In the long run, students are caught up in other activities or focus on other subjects so they do not have time to consolidate knowledge gaps leading to loss of basics.

Tutor not only helps weak students because quite good students also need tutors to improve their professional knowledge. So how to find an effective and qualified tutor for the IGCSE program in Vietnam?

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IGCSE tutoring center in Vietnam
  • Diversity of learning methods: IGCSE tutoring must have a reasonable study policy in all aspects, for example, study at home or study online or study at a different location designated by the student…
  • Teacher qualifications: Teachers are the determining for the quality of an education center, so teachers must have in-depth knowledge and a lot of experience to help students plan appropriate learning steps.
  • References: Quality tutoring centers must have fully up-to-date information on the types of references to advise and guide students to use the curriculum.

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