ACT preparation online

ACT preparation online

ITT – ACT preparation online has been chosen by many young people when they want to study in US universities. However, choosing a reputable center will be more difficult because online teaching requires multiple-skill teachers.

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ACT exam information


Learn ACT online

Before you find ACT preparation online class, you need to know all the information surrounding this exam:

  • ACT certificate is used to assess the academic ability of high school students who want to enter the university.
  • Candidates will take the exam for the first time in the spring semester of grade 11 or the next time in the fall semester of grade 12.

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ACT exam structure consists of the following sections:

  • English: 75 questions – 45 minutes: You should hone all 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Math: 60 questions – 60 minutes: Calculator can be used, so you can be confident of taking points if you study hard at general knowledge.
  • Reading: 40 questions – 35 minutes: You should expand the vocabulary every day to do well in 40 sentences for reading comprehension.
  • Science: 40 questions – 35 minutes.
  • Writing: 1 essay – 40 minutes (optional).

Each section is scored on a scale of 1 – 36. The highest average score on the entire test is 36. In addition to the 4 required test skills, candidates can choose to take Writing or not. If you choose to take the Writing test, you will receive a scale of 0 – 12 on this section.

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Taking ACT preparation online benefits


Study ACT online

To get good points, you need a rigorous planning and review process. Based on your current abilities, you should list your strengths or weaknesses to find ways to take advantage or overcome. From there, interacting with teachers is much more convenient. Here are some benefits when you choose to get ACT preparation online:

  • Ensure health: Attending classes at school or group activities usually takes up most of the time. Going home to rest and open your computer to study online will be the best option.
  • Save time: Choosing the ideal teacher at a prestigious center is not easy, but sometimes the choice is not close or convenient for you. As a result, preparing for private tutoring takes a lot of time compared to studying online.
  • Be proactive in many situations: Online exam preparation means you can study anywhere as long as there is a computer connected to the internet. Moreover, if you have left your home country and still need academic support, choosing an online course with your close teacher is really helpful in this situation.

Finally, whether you want to prepare for an online exam or take a course at the center, you should carefully research the information from various sources. For good results, you must be persistent and initiative in the process.

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