AP exam preparation online

AP exam preparation online

ITT – Nowadays, online learning has become an inevitable development trend. Keeping up with this movement, Intertu Education has applied specially designed AP exam preparation online platform to fully simulate the features of interaction.

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The benefits of online interactive learning


AP exam preparation online tutor

  • Preparing for AP exam preparation online directly with teachers, students can immediately ask for unstable knowledge, unlike learning via pre-recorded videos.
  • It does not take time to move, especially with friends away from tutoring center.
  • Flexible learning time for both teachers and students, can take advantage of free time to register for study anytime, anywhere.
  • It is possible to study with a quality AP tutoring center even if the center is not located in the same locality as the resident.
  • Store learning materials via computer memory or right on the online application, easy to download when using, no need to print documents taking up storage space.

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AP exam preparation online


AP exam preparation online center

AP is a competency assessment for students who are quite good at attending advanced classes, knowledge equivalent to the first year of college, helping students to adapt to the university environment later. However, due to several reasons, along with the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the traditional class could not be taken.

Therefore, Intertu Education has implemented the application of online teaching specifically designed for one-to-one learning with integrated functions in a single software:

  • Interactive electronic board (can be written or drawn directly on the screen).
  • Video call.
  • Learning materials are uploaded to the interactive whiteboard easily by dragging and dropping the file.
  • Students can do the test directly on the board.
  • Where the student is doing homework, the teacher assigns it there, saving considerable time.
  • Lectures are saved in automatic mode, students can review as needed.
  • Along with many other useful features.

Parents can be assured that learning online at the center is no different from traditional learning, because in addition to the application of the above-mentioned software, the center also applies the teaching process below.

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Online teaching process

The concern of most parents when their children study online is to be effective. Because, online learning easily makes them distracting, not motivated and boring. In order to solve this problem, the academic team has carefully set up the process for AP exam preparation online, which is no different from traditional lessons.

In addition, teachers also link the lesson to real-life knowledge, talk to stimulate the learning spirit of students, simulate lessons with visual and vivid images. Each 90 minute lesson will be conducted in 5 steps:

  1. Teachers prepare well before the lesson (15 minutes).
  2. Teachers summarize and explain central theory, linking knowledge to real life (30 minutes).
  3. The teacher shows examples or applications of the lesson to life through videos, illustrations (10 minutes).
  4. Students do applied and advanced exercises (30 minutes).
  5. Teacher corrects the lesson for students (20 minutes).

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Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for AP courses (AP Math, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Economics, AP English). For inquiries, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.

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