A-level program exam preparation

A-level program exam preparation

ITT – A-level certificate is considered as a passport to apply to famous universities in the world, especially in UK. So, how to prepare for A-level program exam preparation?

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A-level program usually lasts for two years which is equivalent to the programs of 11-12 grades in Vietnam. It is divided into two levels. In the first year, AS consists of four to six subjects. Students have an examination to take AS level and finish the first year. In the second year, students will choose three of subjects of the first year to study, and then students have to have an exam to finish this program. You can learn more than 3 subjects if desired.

  1. Set the goals

First at all, how to prepare for A-level program exam preparation, you have to determine your aims and career orientations clearly in the future. Thanks to aims, you can know how many points you need to get, how to set goals to achieve A-level gradually.

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  1. Base on the abilities

Second, don’t forget to consider the issue of coordination of subjects according to your ability. The question is whether you would choose your favorite subjects or your good one. If it will be lucky that your favorite subject is also a subject at which you are good. You will not be too difficult to choose. When you’re not good at subject that you like, an effective tip for A-level program exam preparation is to select subjects you are good at because you need a good transcript to submit to universities. In addition, your interests may change over time.

  1. Learn systematically

Third, let take note, organizing and storing learning materials systematically. It sounds easy, but actually you will be an inevitable status which notes are not careful or lost documents in many busy semester. Besides, the arranging of documentation systematically will help you easier to review.

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  1. Study in group or do it yourself?

Fourth, studying in a group or alone? You should choose both of them based on the fit of the circumstances. For some subjects, you should practice alone to avoid being dominated spirit in the processing of preparation. Because studying in a group in this case, you will usually tend to spend time for jokes and talk. On the contrary, you will acquire knowledge easier when you study in a group. You should learn how to choose the best for yourself.

  1. Self-motivation

Finally, don’t forget to motivate yourself. Even for the best one, preparation for exam is also a hard work and weariness. Therefore, you should create inspiration for yourself to relieve and study efficiently.

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