How to improve GRE score?

How to improve GRE score?

ITT – Continuing to study master’s degree program after graduating with bachelor degree is the choice of many students. GRE exam preparation is necessary if you want to study more. So if you want to get good score, how to improve GRE score?

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GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardized test used in the consideration of graduate admission requirements (Master or PhD) in the natural sciences and social sciences (except Medicine, Pharmacy, Law) in US.

GRE certificate is used to compare and evaluate academic performance of graduate candidates in addition to university transcripts and other relevant certificates. GRE has 2 tests: General Test – a common test for all students who want to study master’s program and Subject Test – a specialized exam in 8 areas (Math, Chemistry, Biology…).

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General Test is a four-part computerized test: Analytical Writing, Verbal, Unidentified and Quantitative. The test is a collection of skills that are considered important to prospective students.

Subject Test is a specialized paper-based test administered three times a year worldwide. The test helps emphasize students’ knowledge and skills in a specific field, helping students stand out from others when they enroll.

Because of the entrance exam, the difficulty level of GRE is quite high, you need to start reviewing at least 6 months before the exam to familiarize yourself with the structure and achieve the best result.

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How to improve GRE score?

How to score GRE test?
  • Set target score: You need to list the schools you want to attend, then look at the GRE level that the school accept and plan to achieve the required score.
  • Arrange the schedule: Set time to study on your own, divide your study path into goals, and consider how many days you have spent reaching that goal.
  • Take practice test: GRE General is tested on computers, so not only study books, but you also need to take computer tests.
  • Find GRE test center: This is the best way for how to improve GRE score. The exam preparation center will update the latest information, own a team of highly qualified teachers, understand what level you are at, design an appropriate preparation route and support for your progress quickly.

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