Should study AP or A-level?

Should study AP or A-level?

ITT – There are still many students confusing between two international programs, AP and A-level. Should study AP or A-level?

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A-level program

Before you learn whether should study AP or A-level, you should know that A-level courses last two years, at the beginning of the year is called AS, and at the end of the year is called A2.

There are 55 subjects in the A-level program, but each school will have a different list of subjects. A-level is designed by the Cambridge International Examinations Council, but teachers can design individual teaching styles for each subject.

To got only A-level, learning must be the period of the A-level, with the point of from E to A*. A-level schools in HCMC includes:

  • British Vietnamese International School
  • Singapore International School
  • Vietnam Australia International School
  • ABC International School

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What is A-level certificate?

AP program

AP program offers more than 30 courses in different fields. Students enrolled will study 3 or 4 courses per school year. Each lock system design and developed by a board of teaching delegates and AP members. Key learning will provide knowledge, skills, and exercises suitable for the university level.

To teach, teachers will use AP course materials to reference knowledge and exams. However, teachers have full authority to decide how to teach. To complete, learning must be AP exams for selected courses and the test will be scored on a scale of 1 to 5. AP schools in HCMC includes:

  • APU International School
  • Ho Chi Minh City International School – American Academy
  • Saigon South International School
  • The American School

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What is AP certificate?

Should study AP or A-level?

Both programs are international educational programs but before you choose, you should consider your aspirations, if you want to study alone, the country you want to study, you can choose the appropriate program and school.

It is important for students to remember that the curriculum is not the prefix of a university. You should not only strive in subjects but must strive to return to academic achievement and social activities.

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