Should take SAT I or SAT II?

Should take SAT I or SAT II?

ITT – SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a standardized test to assess students’ ability to enroll in US colleges and universities, but should take SAT I or SAT II?

SAT is conducted and monitored by College Board. Currently, most US universities require SAT certification as part of the admissions process, including the top schools in the world.

Having SAT certification also means that you have the opportunity to win valuable scholarships because through Math, Reading and Writing, the admissions committee also assesses the analytical and reasoning skills.

SAT is held 7 times a year and includes 2 main exams: SAT I (General Test) and SAT II (Subject Test). SAT scores are valid for 5 years. So should take SAT I or SAT II?

Nearly all US universities are required to apply SAT I certificates in their applications. The content of this exam revolves around the knowledge of Mathematics of grades 10, 11 and grammar rules. Sometimes there are also some questions that require creativity, ranging from Literature, Sociology to Science and Natural subjects, making it difficult for local students and international students. The test consists of 3 parts: Math, Reading Comprehension, Writing and a section of elective essays, in which this essay is not scored. The test lasts 3 hours and 50 minutes and the total score is from 400 to 1600. The higher the score, the more opportunities to attend the top American schools.

Meanwhile, SAT II is an assessment of knowledge in a specific field, not all universities require SAT II, ​​but to ensure a scholarship at prestigious American schools, do not give up through this exam. Depending on which subject you are required to take the exam, usually schools will require 3 subjects out of more than 20 subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, American History, World History… The duration is 3 hours 20 minutes with a total score of 600 to 2400.

In short, depending on the requirements of each school, you will know you should take SAT I or SAT II. To make a plus score for your application, you can take both exams.

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