A-level Accounting tutoring

A-level Accounting tutoring

ITT – Accounting is an equally popular subject in international schools because of its applicability. Many students have come to A-level Accounting tutoring to gain more knowledge related to this subject.

In the international schools, Accounting was soon included in the general education program, not until the university-college division. With the subject, students will quickly become familiar with numbers, financial rules, ways to operate a business…, especially recording, receiving, processing and providing information about the financial performances.

The training content of Accounting is very diverse, providing knowledge of accounting and auditing, Vietnamese accounting standards and international accounting standards, something around collecting, processing, checking, charging, making estimates, allocating budgets, managing revenue according to business plans…

However, with A-level syllabus, it must ensure that the two main modules are Financial Accounting and Cost and Management Accounting. Specifically, the program will review content such as the accounting cycle, accounting for non-current assets, reconciliation and verification, preparation of financial statements, analysis and communication, preparation of financial statement, business purchase and merger, consignment and joint venture accounts, computerized accounting systems, costing for materials and labor, traditional costing methods, activity based costing (ABC), budgeting and budgetary control, investment appraisal… The best place of A-level Accounting tutoring must understand this.

In HCMC, there are many academic centers, but not all of them have Accounting, especially in A-level program. Having A-level certificates, students can be accepted to study at prestigious universities in Vietnam or abroad.

Therefore, in the selection process of A-level Accounting tutoring, students need to consider many factors such as facilities, curriculum, teachers, teaching methods… The most important is the quality of teachers, because if the teaching team does not know the program, the expertise is not good, the pedagogical and English skills are still many shortcomings, it certainly will not improve for students.

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