AP Microeconomics tutoring

AP Microeconomics tutoring

ITT – How can find a place where quality AP Microeconomics tutoring can significantly improve students’ performance?

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AP Microeconomics program

Microeconomics is the opposite of Macroeconomics since the subject focuses only on individual behavior in making decisions regarding the allocation of limited resources.

Within the AP program, many people consider AP Microeconomics to be more difficult than AP Macroeconomics because the subject requires students to broaden their understanding of principles to apply in expressing economic situations, predicting and interpreting economic results, using graphs, charts, and information derived from concepts such as scarcity, market, cost, benefit, and marginal analysis. In addition, students studying Microeconomics must have knowledge of ineffective markets and public policy.

During AP Microeconomics, students will be familiarized with the following 4 skills:

  1. Models and principles: Explain economic models and principles.
  2. Interpretation: Explains given economic situations.
  3. Use and control: Determine the results of specific economic scenarios.
  4. Draw graphs and charts: Model the economic situation using charts or visual representation.

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Microeconomics tutoring

How can find AP Microeconomics tutoring?

As a highly practical subject, AP Microeconomics includes economic principles applied in social life, finance, commerce… In addition, other fields such as education, law, sociology, life sciences all apply knowledge of micro-economics into the working model.

Like with Macroeconomics, Microeconomics is considered one of the “toughest” subjects in AP program, so students must “ask for help” at AP Macroeconomics tutoring centers with the desire to improve their own score.

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AP Microeconomics tutoring

However, many international tutoring centers appear, making it difficult for students to choose reputable and quality addresses. Students need to know some criteria before finding AP Microeconomics tutoring as follows:

  1. Needs of themselves: Students should understand their own weaknesses, knowledge gaps, and any basic loss in order to be able to solve them quickly.
  2. Flexible curriculum and teaching method: If the center has a complete and detailed curriculum, students can easily grasp knowledge through each lesson.
  3. Qualified teachers: Microeconomics is not easy, so teachers must have gone through this module, have long-term pedagogical experience with solid economic specialized knowledge.

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