How to review for A-level?

How to review for A-level?

ITT – Even with excellent students, studying A-level is also a hard and challenging job. Sweet in victory or bitterness in failure, it all depends on you. How to review for A-level?

A-level is a two-year university preparatory program, recognized by universities all over the world, its amount of knowledge is equivalent to grade 11 and 12 in Vietnam.

Level is divided into 2 yearly periods, AS and A2, the final result of A-level exam will be based on the final exam score, points of essays and assessment are depended on extracurricular activities.

A-level exams have scores from A to E. Usually, A & B scores are the requirements of top universities, E is just acceptable, S and U are failing grades. Most universities and colleges have scholarships for A-level programs that range from 30% to 60% of the course. Therefore, you should choose subjects that are helpful for your major in the future.

How to review for A-level to achieve the desired results is one of the most difficult problems. If you pass this period, you will receive an A-level certificate. For good exam preparation, you need to build a specific studying schedule, clearly divide the schedule for the subjects that can help you avoid knowledge overloading as your exam day coming.

You should not ignore any part of the curriculum that you do not handle well, so try to ask your teacher or classmate to understand the content of the lesson thoroughly. In order to reap the best results at the A-level exam, you need to make a lot of effort than those who are naturally good at that subject. This not only requires passion, but you should maintain your passion continuously and persistently.

If you aren’t used to self-study, try to find yourself a center to know how to review for A-level to help you in your learning progress. Teachers can help you get a better overview of what you have learned and maybe you will see the relationships between concepts that you did not recognize at school? This is also a useful way of studying, because you can save a lot of time.

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