How to review for AP?

How to review for AP?

ITT – AP is one of the pre-university programs for students in grades 11-12 taught at international schools. AP exams are held only once in May each year. How to review for AP?

  1. Use test prep books: The school curriculum covers only the topics you will study in AP. Teachers will only teach the theory and solve problems, not how to do well in the exam. In order to prepare for AP exam, you should purchase and practice the test book with Test Prep Books from some well-known publishers such as Princeton Review or Barron’s.
  2. Group study organization: Discuss with some friends about how to review for AP plans and start group study. You should clearly assign the tasks to each person such as finding materials, solving exercises, exchanging, discussing assignments… This is a good way to be accountable for learning objectives because you will not be able to allow yourself to be delayed as self-taught.
  3. Set up a detailed timetable: Calculate the number of weeks remaining from the current until AP exam is one week, then compare the content to be practiced in the book to distribute some items that need to be solved for each. week, which will help to learn specifically to avoid too many articles about close examination.
  4. Reassess your practice: It can be divided into members of the learning group, who have the strength in which part of the test will support the instruction to the rest. In addition, each of you will take notes on what kind of exercise you are weak to arrange the appropriate schedule, spend more time for what to study more carefully.
  5. Take old exam questions: This is definitely how to review for AP is done by most students. Once you have practiced with the exercises, you should spend one month before AP exam to focus on the exam questions of about 5 years ago. The old exam questions will help you understand the structure of the exam, the time for each section, from which to find the most appropriate way to fit your ability.

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