How to review for IGCSE?

How to review for IGCSE?

ITT – IGCSE is an international program that recognizes professional qualifications for high school students, usually aged 14-16. How to review for IGCSE?

Similar to GCSE in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Scottish class standards or junior certificates in Republic of Ireland, IGCSE is now very popular all over the world.

Students can choose from 70 subjects in 6 main groups: Mathematics, Natural Science, Language, English, Social Science and Economics. IGCSE has 2 programs: Core and Extended. Core has a scale from C to G, while Extended is calculated from A* to E. Students often choose Extended rather than Core.

To be appreciated, students must achieve a minimum of C, if they have been D in any subject, they should find a tutor so they can keep up with the program. After finishing IGCSE, students will continue to study IB, A-level or AP programs as a foundation for later university. Therefore, it is also important to choose a subject from IGCSE program.

Subjects that students choose in IGCSE program may follow them until college, so they must choose the subjects they really love and have the ability to attend for a long time. But how to review for IGCSE?

Most subjects are like Vietnamese program, but it’s not easy for students to study because of language barrier. In addition, IGCSE is a little different from Vietnamese program, which has Business Studies, one of the subjects is very necessary for students to work in the future.

Because of many reasons, if students feel that they cannot keep up with the program, they should immediately find a prestigious center to train and guide them. That’s really how to review for IGCSE.

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