ACT exam process

ACT exam process

ITT – Similar to SAT, ACT is a standardized entrance exam that most universities in US and Canada require for those who want to enroll. SAT is too familiar, so how is ACT exam process?

In order to get a high score on ACT exam to pass into a dream university, you must have a preparatory step right from grade 11 or the beginning of grade 12. The structure of an ACT exam consists of:

 English: 75 sentences in 45 minutes.

 Math: 60 sentences in 60 minutes.

 Reading: 40 sentences in 35 minutes.

 Science: 40 sentences in 35 minutes.

 Writing: Arguments about a problem in 40 minutes.

ACT scores are calculated based on 4 sections: English, Math, Reading and Science. Each section is graded on a scale of 1-36. The official score will equal the average of the above 4 sections. However, to get into top universities, the score must be 30 or more. Writing section is optional and if you choose to take the exam, the score of this section will be marked separately on a scale of 1-12.

The next step in ACT exam process is to have a thorough understanding of ACT score required by the school to set a specific score goal. When you got clear goal, you would create a detailed plan for that goal.

Next, a specific study plan for ACT preparation from the beginning is definitely set up. You should do a Diagnostic Test before to get through the exam structure as well as to assess your current learning ability at any level. Next, you must proceed to complete a Full Test should also be timed and resolved many times until the desired results are reached.

If you still find it difficult to self-study ACT, finding a center for ACT preparation is also a reference. Your job is to find a reliable place with a wealth of experience to support you.

ACT exam process includes the above basic steps, you can refer to or define yourself a specific process that is appropriate for your abilities and learning styles.

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