Find IB tutors for students

Find IB tutors for students

ITT – There are many main reasons to find IB tutors for students. However, to make it easier on finding a reputable center, parents can refer to some more information as below.

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IB program


Find IB tutors

IB is an international program launched in Switzerland, licensed and taught by IBO, of which IBDP is approved by almost every university in the world. The program consists of 3 levels: PYP, MYP, IBDP, in which IBDP lasts for 2 years, equivalent to grade 11-12 with 6 subject groups:

  1. First language
  2. Second language
  3. Personal and social
  4. Natural sciences
  5. Mathematics
  6. Art

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Why parents need to find IB tutors for students?


Find IB teachers

There are many cases where parents need to find IB tutors for students, including the following main reasons:

  • Widen basic knowledge: Some students transfer from public, integrated, bilingual schools to international environment, so they got a bit shocked by the learning culture or not keeping up with the program.
  • Practices and problems: When attending the school curriculum, some students have practices and problems that cannot be understood, so they need support to resolve the questions.
  • Advanced learning: This is a rare case, often found in students who have a very good foundation but want to improve their knowledge outside the curriculum.

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Learning the right place – finding the right teacher is the desire of any parent who wants to find IB tutors for students. A center considered reputable should ensure the following criteria:

  • Teachers understand international programs and have experience in teaching IB.
  • The center has appropriate textbooks, updated regularly for teachers and students.
  • Clear policies, consistent with the interests of students.
  • Counseling, supportive, professional knowledge.

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