Find A-level preparation center

Find A-level preparation center

ITT – Owning international certificates and studying abroad is the desire of many students. A-level certification is probably too familiar, so where to find A-level preparation center to achieve high score?

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A-level program

A-level tutoring center

A-level, also known as English Baccalaureate, is a two-year program administered by Cambridge. Year 1 is called AS-level, equivalent to grade 11, year 2 is called A-level, equivalent to grade 12.

In AS-level, students will choose from 4 to 6 subjects. In A-level, students will choose 3 subjects from AS-level related to their university entrance exam and take the certificate. A-level scale ranges from A* to E and AS-level scale ranges from A to E.

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In addition to the exams organized by international schools for students, A-level allows freelance candidates to register at British Council on May-June and October-November.

Find A-level preparation center

A-level exam preparation tutor

As a preparatory university curriculum designed by Cambridge, A-level is a bit difficult for students to get high score in the final test. Therefore, find A-level preparation center will be the perfect choice for you.

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A prestigious A-level exam preparation center will always update the latest information, train with the right focus and own professional teachers. Teachers who have long-term experience in teaching international programs, good English skills, especially academic English will help you understand the lesson thoroughly.

In addition, teachers also know the level of each student, support and design appropriate learning plan to help them make the fastest progress. For those who are new to A-level program, this will be a great help to avoid wasting time on the wrong focus and quickly building up the foundation.

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