How to practice IB Business Management past papers?

How to practice IB Business Management past papers?

ITT – In order to get good results for IB Business Management, one of the best methods is to practice past paper. So how to practice IB Business Management past papers?

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Whats hot in IB Business Management?

In the course, you will learn how to analyze, discuss, and evaluate the business performance of organizations at the local, national and international levels associated with the socio-cultural context and the economy in which they operate.

Therefore, IB Business Management is considered to be a difficult and challenging subject for students. Business Administration is a subject related to the real economic situation a lot, requiring them to update on the media to reinforce the knowledge and the process of doing well.

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Like other subjects, IB Business Management is divided into HL (Higher Level) and SL (Standard Level). In the learning process, no matter what level you choose, you must go through two papers including Paper 1 (accounting for 35% of the total score) and Paper 2 (accounting for 40% of the total score).

For the final essay, HL needs to do research projects and report on the business issues facing the organization, while SL does not require research, but only writes reviews based on 3 to 5 subjects whether the support talks about the business problems that businesses have.

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How to practice IB Business Management past papers?

Based on the procedure below, you will easily understand your direction:

  • Firstly, you need to find IB Business Management past papers from at least 3 years ago that understand the exam structure and have a specific study plan. After they have understood the key parts, they need to implement a knowledge system and start reading over again until they fully understand the nature of the problem.
  • Next is to start working on the problem by solving a complete exam and checking the time, surely for the first time solving the problem, they will not be able to get the desired time.
  • For the final essay, to do well in this section depends a lot on their knowledge of the actual business environment. Therefore, regularly reading newspapers, business magazines, reading books on economics, finance, and business, etc. will help a lot for your final score.

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