SAT exam structure

SAT exam structure

ITT – Equivalent to ACT, SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a competency assessment test for admission to US universities. What is SAT exam structure?

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SAT exam structure for SAT I

Once you have identified the desired university in US, you need to start from know SAT exam structure to get how to achieve high result effectively.

SAT I exam structure

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With SAT I, the certificate required for admission in US, the test structure is as follows:

SectionNumber of questionsType of questionsTime
Reading30 sentencesPassages or pairs of passages (literature, historical documents, social sciences, and natural sciences)30 minutes
BREAK05 minutes
Writing and Language44 sentences
  • Find the mistake in the sentence
  • Edit sentences
  • Edit paragraphs
35 minutes
Math20 sentencesAlgebra, geometry, trigonometry, data analysis and statistics

Do not use calculator

25 minutes
BREAK15 minutes
  • 28 multiple choice questions
  • 10 fill in questions
Numberals, geoetry and concepts50 minutes


SAT II exam structure

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SAT exam structure for SAT II

With SAT II, when you want to apply for highly competitive schools, you can choose to take this exam with the following exam structure:

Math 150 multiple choice questionsUse calculator (high school program knowledge)
Math 250 multiple choice questionsUse calculator (matrix, trigonometry, inverse trigonometric function…)
Physics75 multiple choice questionsDo not use calculator
Chemistry85 multiple choice questionsDo not use calculator
Ecology60 mutual sentences with Molecular Biology + 20 specialized sentences20 specialized sentences focus on ecosystem, energy flow, ecological balance…
Molecular Biology60 mutual sentences with Ecology + 20 specialized sentences20 specialized sentences focus on biochemistry, physiological, cell structure…
Literature60 multiple choice questions about the given short textsBased on English, American and all English-speaking works
American History90 multiple choice questionsAbout political, economic and social fields
World History95 multiple choice questionsAbout all continents from 500 AD

Normal test and listening test

ItalianListening test
ChineseListening test

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With the above information, you have mastered SAT exam structure. Now let’s start to focus on studying to get good results in the exam and soon conquer the dream of studying abroad.

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