IB Math program

IB Math program

ITT – You often hear about Math as a rigid subject with endless numbers. However, that view may change when you study IB Math program.

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IB program

IB Math AA syllabus

Do you want to receive international quality training with the globally valid certificate? Do you want to go to university in advanced countries but wonder how to start accumulating knowledge? Do you want to learn not only to acquire the program but also to stimulate your potential strengths, where you are free to criticize and express your opinions?

If you want all that, IB is the most effective and optimal solution. IB program is the university preparatory course which lasts for 2 years, equivalent to grade 11 and 12. Students must choose 6 subjects from 6 important groups, including: Language 1, Language 2, Social, Science, Math, Art.

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In particular, IB program does not “cram” knowledge for students. With four criteria: intellect, personal, emotional and soft skills, the curriculum does not disappoint you with professionalism but also very practical. Studying an international program can be compared to studying abroad, which is cost effective.

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IB Math program

IB Math AI syllabus

IB Math is a subject in IB program system. The subject includes knowledge of algebra, functions and equations, calculus, trigonometry, matrix, vector, statistics… According to the latest update in the school year 2019 – 2020, IB Math is divided into 4 levels to choose including IB Math AI SL, IB Math AI HL, IB Math AA SL, and IB Math AA HL.

Besides basic foundations, IB Math program will be the solid “bridge” to help you connect numbers to real life and to related science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology…

Moreover, IB Math will help you deepen your research in an academic and scientific aspect, laying the foundations to go further on the academic path and conquer mathematics.

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Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for IB programAP programA-level programIGCSE program. For inquiries, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.