Is there SAT exam preparation center in HCMC?

Is there SAT exam preparation center in HCMC?

ITT – Nowadays, SAT preparation centers are increasing in HCMC. This makes many parents and students overwhelmed when choosing SAT exam preparation center in HCMC.

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What is SAT?

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test/Scholastic Aptitude Test) is one of the standardized exams used for admission to US universities. Managed by College Board, SAT not only focuses on English skills but also assesses the ability to reason, analyze, interpret, and solve problems through the knowledge. Like TOEFL or IELTS, foreign students who want to study in the US must prove their learning ability through the SAT test.

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How to choose SAT exam preparation center in HCMC?

With the need of many students “dreaming” to study in the US, many international certificate preparation centers have appeared around the HCMC, especially SAT certificate. Before choosing a center to decide to attend, parents should consider the following criteria:

  • Focused teaching methods: Qualified exam preparation centers must have a complete and detailed curriculum for each topic with typical and practical exercises. More importantly, the curriculum needs to be created to the level of each student and closed to the SAT assessment.
  • High-quality professional teachers: This is the factor that all students and parents are most concerned about when choosing exam preparation centers. Good SAT preparation teachers need to be well trained, have experience in an international environment, have solid professional knowledge with 4-5 years of exam preparation experience.
  • Highly interactive facilities and classrooms: To support learning, the center must provide adequate facilities for students. In addition, the interaction between teachers and students is also paid attention to help students develop their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

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In general, finding a qualified SAT exam preparation center in HCMC to help you conquer your goals right now is the starting point for your “American dream”.

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