Math exam paper

Math exam paper

ITT – Folk has a saying: “Knowing the enemy knows us, hundreds of victories” to emphasize the importance of collecting information, and this also applies to Math exam preparation. To “beat” this subject, we need to know how structured Math exam paper is?

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Math in English

Since previous years, Vietnam has started to apply international education programs such as IB, AP, A-level, IGCSE… to the curriculum in some schools, most of which are international and bilingual schools. When studying Math in English, students will develop the following skills:

  • Determine expressions and values ​​using mathematical procedures and rules.
  • Justification for reasoning and solution.
  • Use correct mathematical symbols, language, and conventions to convey results or solutions.

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IB Math exam format

When it comes to the form of teaching, the standard program and Math international program does not have much difference. Both of them teach topics such as algebra, statistics, matrices, calculus, trigonometry, functions, and equations… However, while high school focuses on teaching basic knowledge, ensuring basic principles such as scientific, ideological, and pedagogical, Math in English develops problem-solving skills, self-study, and research, thereby increasing the perspective of international thinking and understanding globalization.

Math exam paper

Because each international program has its own method of teaching and testing, the exam structure will be different. You must research the exam structure and the level of the program you are studying to understand how to do the test. Below is the structure of Math exam paper for some international programs:

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  • AP Calculus exam structure

Part 1: Multiple choice, 45 questions, 1 hour 45 minutes, 50% total score.

  • Part A: Do not allow to use of the graphing calculator (33.3% of points).
  • Part B: Use a calculator to draw graphs (16.7% of points).

Part 2: Free section, 6 questions, 1 hour 30 minutes, 50% total score.

  • Part A: 2 problems – Use a calculator to draw graphs (16.7% of points).
  • Part B: 4 problems – Do not allow to use a graphing calculator (33.3% of points).
  • IB Math HL exam structure
PaperTimeCalculatorWeightScoreShort questionsExtended questionsContent
12 hoursNo30%120~10~3Core
22 hoursYes (for graphs)30%120~10~3Core
31 hourYes (for graphs)20%600~4Calculation


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IB Math exam style questions

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