Should I choose IB or A-level?

ITT – Parents usually do not have sufficient time to consider an appropriate school and educational style for their children before semester begins. They ask: “Should I choose IB or A-level?”

Chọn theo học IB hay A-level - Tìm hiểu

There are several differences between two these kinds of curricula. IB requires students to learn at least 6 compulsory subjects, including foreign language and essay writing. Meanwhile, A-level learners just have to learn at least 3 and there is not a specific regulation of which one. Therefore, it raised a question whether they should pursue IB or A-level programs.

Some parents argue that IB provides more subject choices, stimulates to develop skills and concentrates on independent thinking of each individual. However, if pursuing IB, excellent students even have a risk that they would not be enrolled by their desired universities when competing with A-level learners. In spite of success of A-level, people think that IB is the best method of secondary education. But should I choose IB or A-level?

According many specialists, independence and creativity is becoming important factors to gain admissions to universities. Top universities evaluate students basing on the way they think and figure out something rather what they know. The point is that anyone could give information, so critical thinking becomes a crucial factor. Pursuing IB would help students to nurture these values.

Chọn theo học IB hay A-level - Cân nhắc

Despite the increasing consideration of IB, many parents prefer A-level system. A-level is reputable certificate, which is used as a standard method of evaluating learner ability in more than 60 years. With AS-level (first level of A-level), students still can choose 4 subjects. Excellent students can choose 5 subjects in the final year of A-level. The strength of A-level is that students can be specialized, so students can learn the intensive subjects and do not need to learn subject that they are not good at.

The working world is changing, the important thing is that students have to completely develop and improve skills beside the learning ability. Employers want their employees to have open- minded thinking, social responsibility, critical thinking and be willing to overcome the risks. Theoretically, A-level and IB can bring these values to learners, but it depends on the teaching. So should I choose IB or A-level? You’ve got the answer.

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