IB Computer Science tutoring

IB Computer Science tutoring

ITT – Finding a place to offer IB Computer Science tutoring may not be as popular as other subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry… but for students wishing to study information technology abroad, this is a course indispensable in knowledge inventory.

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IB Computer Science program

IB Computer Science requires an understanding of the basics of computing and computational thinking as well as knowledge of how computers and other digital devices work. Underpinned by conceptual thinking, based on a broad spectrum, the course promotes innovation, exploration, and deeper knowledge acquisition. During the study, students are required to:

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  1. Know and understand:
  • Related facts and concepts.
  • Appropriate methods and techniques.
  • Computer science terminology.
  • Methods of presenting the information.
  1. Apply and use:
  • Related facts and concepts.
  • Relevant design methods and techniques.
  • Effective communication term.
  • An appropriate communication method for presenting the information.
  1. Analysis, evaluation, and construction:
  • Criteria and solution specifications including task outline, design, and test plan.
  • Appropriate techniques in a particular solution.

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IB Computer Science tutoring center

IB Computer Science tutoring

We can see that IB Computer Science is heavy in theory, not practice, requiring students to remember a lot of information in order to get the expected results in tests. However, no one can learn to code in a day, because to master it, it takes a lot of time and if you can afford it, IB Computer Science tutoring will help you progress. the set. So what are the criteria we need to keep in mind when choosing an IB Computer Science tutoring center?

  1. High quality of teachers: Because IB Computer Science needs specialized and preliminary knowledge about technology application in life, professional teachers will guide students to understand lessons quickly.
  2. Know the appropriate lesson plans and materials: As mentioned above, IB Computer Science focuses on theoretical knowledge rather than practice, so if the center has suitable lesson plans and references, it will help to shorten study time.
  3. Teaching experience and student interaction: A teacher with high achievement is unlikely to help students learn well, especially in practical subjects. Therefore, teachers need to have their own experience and tips such as using Udacity to learn Java, Python, and HTML…

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IB Computer Science tutor near me

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