GMAT exam process

GMAT exam process

ITT – GMAT is known as a test of ability for candidates who want to get master’s degree in business administration. Knowing GMAT exam process will help you easily achieve the desired score.

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Prepare before the exam

GMAT exam preparation tips

Understanding the exam structure is the first step to take when planning GMAT exam process. GMAT test consists of 4 parts in the following order and time:

– Analytical Writing: Give the viewpoint on a business problem with the time of taking the test is 30 minutes.

– Integrated Reasoning: Answer 12 questions assessing reasoning ability with 4 types of questions: Multi-source Reasoning, Two-part Analysis, Table Analysis, Graphics Interpretation with 30 minutes duration.

– Quantitative: The knowledge is mainly Math in junior and senior high school and it usually does not give specific numbers, so that candidates must quantify based on mathematical formulas with 37 questions in 75 minutes.

– Verbal: This section includes 41 questions related to Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning is tested within 75 minutes.

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Next is the exam preparation, you need to allocate time for all 4 sections, here are some suggestions that may be helpful for you:

– Analytical Writing: First, you need to read the topic carefully to analyze the thesis, then think out the outline before embarking on the article, make sure you only mention related issues and absolutely do not discuss another point of view to avoid getting off the subject.

– Integrated Reasoning: This is the random questions based mainly on practical experience and analysis of itself related to the business field.

– Quantitative: Because knowledge falls mainly on high school knowledge, you need to carefully review the basic formulas in algebra and geometry to do well.

– Verbal: You need to master the grammar and sentence structure to correct sentence errors, need quick and accurate grasp skills for reading comprehension and analytical reasoning ability.

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GMAT exam process

How to register for GMAT exam?

To register for GMAT exam, you must visit mba.com to view the test date and test location, then register online with your email. All information about the test date and test location will be sent via the official account registration email.

By the test date, you only need to come to the test location 1 hour in advance to do the procedure and finally stabilize your preparation.

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