What is difficult of interdisciplinary integration test?

What is difficult of interdisciplinary integration test?

ITT – Today, learning and testing program of students are increasingly various, to response the advanced system of education over the world. So what is difficult of interdisciplinary integration test?

Teaching interdisciplinary integration program is bringing educational content that is relevant to the teaching subjects, defining knowledge content that is similar to two or more subjects to teach, to avoid learning the same content of subject. Students have to study again and again, so knowledge content in many subjects is not the same.

There are some difficulties of interdisciplinary integration test. Firstly, the steps needed to prepare for new teaching also encountered many problems of unifying lesson plans and teaching methods. However, that is basic for easy solving because the lesson plan and teaching method is decided based on major teaching skills. The problem teacher’s psychology pressure with the subject just teach children to be receptive but also to help them apply in practice.

Teachers will not have to spend too much on new knowledge because the content of subjects that are taught by teachers. If knowledge content is more interdisciplinary, it will be divided into interdisciplinary subjects to organize individual teaching at a suitable time, in parallel with the teaching process of the related disciplines.

The biggest difficulty is taking interdisciplinary integration test. Students must be familiar with the content of those subjects and manage them as well as their ability to use the unit in practice and on the test. Then teacher can remark student’s overall strength, not just through theoretical on paper.

If students have spent time learning this program, learners and instructors will recognize the benefits of interdisciplinary integration program. The topics of this program are lively, attractive, it will inspire students and motivation, interest in learning.

Learning integrated topics, students are reinforced using synthetic knowledge to solve practical situations, with little knowledge of machinery. More importantly, interdisciplinary themes help students avoid repeatedly learning the same subject matter in different subjects.

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