Find IGCSE tutors for students

Find IGCSE tutors for students

ITT – When entering IGCSE program, many parents want to find IGCSE tutors for students.

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IGCSE program

Find IGCSE tutors

IGCSE is a 2-year international high school program for students in grade 9 – 10 managed by Cambridge, which is a solid foundation for further study such as A-level or IB. The program includes over 70 subjects for students to choose, according to which they will usually choose 6 subjects to study in 2 years.

Each subject is divided into 2 levels: Core and Extended. Students need to choose a minimum of 3 out of 6 subjects is Extended with a scale from A* to G, in which scores from C or above are usually accepted.

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Should find IGCSE tutors for students?

Find IGCSE teachers

There are many reasons for parents to find IGCSE tutors for students, such as cases where students have difficulty trying to adapt to a new international learning environment or failure to keep up with school curriculum.

Another rare case is that during the school time, students are stuck with some topics. In the long run, students are caught up in extracurricular activities and other learning activities, so they do not have time to reinforce the knowledge gap, which will gradually lose its base if tutors are taught.

For students who have a good foundation but want to improve their knowledge outside the curriculum, finding experienced tutors will help them achieve what they want, not only support them maintain their style but also improve the quality of scores.

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Find IGCSE tutors for students is the top priority for most parents. You should choose teachers who understand the international curriculum, have experience in teaching IGCSE, the center has appropriate textbooks, clear policies, consistent with the interests of students, enthusiastic support, professional knowledge to answer questions…

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