Science learning center

Science learning center

ITT – Science opens up opportunities for students to explore and create the stepping stone to study other subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. That is why many parents are actively seeking Science learning center for their children.

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Science in English

Science center near me

Bringing Science into the curriculum is a new innovation breakthrough in Vietnamese education. This model is applied in international, bilingual and integrated schools. Teaching science subjects in English quickly reveals its advantages and receives positive reviews from parents and students.

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Unlike learning English in the traditional way, studying Science in English will take students to “new lands”, help them practice English communication skills and academic English. That requires highly qualified teachers, and vice versa, students are also required to make more efforts. This helps remove the barriers of ordinary and ineffective English learning, build a lively learning method, attract passion and creativity.

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Science learning center

Science tutoring center

Understanding the needs of parents and students in finding a suitable tutor, many Science tutoring centers have established, but not too much Science learning centers meet the requirements.

In order to convey understandable content, it is required to be native teachers or international students who research abroad. However, the number of qualified teachers is not much, leading to the appearance of “disguised” English language centers.

For profit-making purposes, many centers specializing in terminology, specialized vocabulary, or even grammatical structures and basic sentences are still promoted by default as genuine international education centers. Therefore, parents and students must consider when deciding to put their faith in Science learning center.

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Now, Intertu Education is enrolling potential students for Science courses and Science international programs (IGCSE Science and Cambridge Sciences). For inquiries, please contact us directly or via email or hotline.